Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ulcer Lesson

. I had ulcer problem these few days
it is located sumwhere hidden and not really pain when eat something
hence i choose to ignore it and let it recover by itself
i tot it will recover after one or 2 days
but i m totally wrong
the wound not getting smaller and i can feel the pain is getting worse if i keep ignoring it
suddenly i learned something from this ulcer

this is same theory for a relationship
if couple are having some problem
and they choose to ignore or leave it aside with the excuse of they don't have time, busy
and thought the problem will be resolved automatically after some time
this is totally wrong
the fact is
problem never change and still persist
how to get it auto resolve if problem is still there and nobody wanna take the 1st step?
I read a book recently
the author mentioned about
many couple are having problem and the general excuse they used is " if our relationship is strong enough, nobody can destroy or involve into it".
it sound true
however if you think twice
this is juz another excuse
bcoz the person choose to ignore the problem
and get on with another person
make the situation become more complicated

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