Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bravo Samsung

this is my first time i deal with those customer service
browsing the user manual of the washing machine
found out the error code of 4E is something dealling with water paip
try few times, cannot help.. the water level is really low

call the toll free number (should be la)
get my mobile number and get all my data
updating my current address and house phone
asked simple Q and will get technician to make appointment to check...

b4 calling them, i still wondering whether its under warranty due to didn't sent back the form within 7 days of purchase
my doubt was cleared after that call...
my data was saved in their system when i bought it..
its very convenient coz nobody got the time to answer those questionaire in that form and sent it back..

ok jen, i know i m shua gu
hahaha bcoz i never deal with this kind of cases keke

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