Tuesday, March 31, 2009

爱配对 - super rude Dating Company

found this website and just registered for fun online to receive some newsletter
surprisingly, the lady boss called me.
i think i rejected by telling not interested b4 but not sure is this 爱配对 or not.
this lady boss keep calling me for almost 1 month to have appointment with me
by using different mobile numbers and office numbers =.="
until once i ignored and don't want reply sms or answer any incoming call where the number is unknown
i keep on postponed my appointment with her
Until recently i accidentally answered a call and the caller was her.

went to the office at that place near to Inti Subang
that company just walking distance to ICLS
Due to curiosity, i walked in the company with another fren, K

Reached there 15 mins earlier than the appointment time
Lady boss get her colleague, another pretty gal to entertain us by showing us the presentation and explain the services provided by their company and the GOOD rate as well
they are also the event organizer
after 15 mins explaination, the lady boss back from her quick late lunch

they ready with the form to join as member
and that lady boss asked me : "Are you ready for it?"
Me: " No, I am not."
the face the boss changed in seconds and started shooting me with the words of
" since you are not ready, there is no point waste time here."
"when the moment we called you, y not u mentioned u r not interested? If you say so, we will never call you again."
" the cheapest package also need RM1.4k" ( sorry la, I'm poor one, cannot afford it)
K started getting beh song after hearing this kind of words and almost she wanna shoot lady boss with " bcoz she duno how to reject u".
expect the person who having appointment to sign up their package
and still want me to intro fren to there.. hahaa wat a funny company
this lady boss is very sarcastic, rude and "Money oriented"
I went there did not mean I need the service
and I don't think I need the service now
and everyone has the right to say NO
I won't show my anger to u directly
but I choose to post it out here
because I believe the power if internet , the power of blog

Everyone out there, I believe all other dating company like Lunch Actually is still better than this 爱配对dot com dot my

**someone out there, if this lady boss happened to be ur fren or ur relatives, kindly let them know on what to improve based on the feedback, or else we will no longer see this company in SS15**

Rating : -100

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