Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1st Day - 3rd Stop @ Same Foodcourt Again

my favor duck rice.. this is yummy bside the KL chinatown 四眼仔's duck

this soup is tasty, from the same roasted duck and roasted chicken rice stall

i think this is another plate of roasted duck rice

penang bak kut teh, still prefer klang one

**Photos taken using T900**

Date: 30th Sept 2009
PPl: Paul, Paul Sou (xiao mei), Chow, Danny, Joce

headed to the smae food court for our dinner
we know we will have another yum cha session with Ogin when she arrived around 9pm
coz will only start our food journey after Ogin reach
i was having the food on that day like every 2 hours a meal about penang 四大天王 (sei dai tin wong) as our supper will be posted next time

**a warm reminder, don't view my blog at midnite, or else u will feel hungry..**

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