Saturday, November 28, 2009

Seafood . New Road

headed to Klang for the seafood
I was using the long way from Cyber toll > Sunway toll > passby Sunway to USJ and using USJ toll to the Bandar Puteri exit
this was very long journey coz not using the shortcut road
reached the meet up place safely after following the directions given by Jeff
and feel that all the shop lots and housing area in Klang are almost same >.<

enjoyed the Klang seafood as lunch
order the favorite "har gu".. yummy.. taste good than Hai Tian @ Kuala Perlis one..
then headed back to SK
with the new road guided by Jeff
this time finally learn another LDP highway of USJ side
the time taken from SK to Klang with the new road
is very fast and short
and will use the same toll go to the Chilli Pan Mee
ngek ngek ngek
thanks dear

**gentle reminder: please update fb photo, Jeff**

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