Sunday, November 29, 2009


fetched Ann Ann jie jie @ Armada hotel
then enjoyed our breakfast @ the SS2 for the dim sum
this is the place where i always bring my parents for breakfast if they visited me
PJ keep raining from the morning
then continue the journey to 1U since this dearest cousin sister will take Aeroline bus later
hence i parked my car at the open car park
enjoyed the shopping v her
and bring her to try the Carls Jr burger
ngek ngek ngek
when I wanna go back that time
it rain cats and dogs
and she kidding that " u keep so much umbrella in ur car also no use, u also didn't bring them down"
y rain so heavy at this moment...
I was running out of vitamin M
and walked all the way to old wing atm
then continue to the E shop to buy the UV protection umbrella
(note: this is the 2nd things i bought from this shop, twice also umbrella =.=)
even asked the seller to help me cut the price tag coz i wanna use
after the ladies, i was preparing to pay for the car park
the heavy rain stop@!!!!!!
grr grr grr

arhh damn suinya..
wasted my $$
ok lo, i treated this E umbrella as another collection
wat to do..

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