Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thanks SuhThye & FB

checked Suh Thye 's fb
found some familiar faces of GSC kaki
added ppl like Belinda, Amy , Yvonne Tan, Yen Lin and even Clement who last time @ GSC Mid Valley
i even can remember Clement's name than Kreisler Buy name due to Kreisler name is so diff to remember
although Kreisler always meeting up ppl with his smiley face and funny actions
surprisingly , i found Siva from fb as well
and still cannot find Pui Yee and Kevin's fb or friendster

Yvonne accepted me very fast, haha

thanks to fb and Suh Thye
linked me back to some old faces again :)

its really fun working together with them
let me try my best to find back the softcopy of few Gala Premier and events that time...
hmm where is the CD now ar.. i wonder..

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