Monday, May 30, 2011

London Spring 2011 Day 4 : Dining @ Brouge Bistro, Richmond

Yummy pork rib, Rating: 9.5/10

yummy rib eye steak medium , Rating : 9/10

I chose the mushroom sauce. Its very tasty with lots of mushroom.. **thumbs up**

Date: 12 May 2011
Venue: Brouge Bistro
Type: Belgian Food
Address: 5, Hill St,
Richmond Upon Thames,
Surrey TW91SX

This is a pub restaurant that located underground
Their pork ribs and rib eye steak are very very delicious
Could not remember the exact price
but all main courses we order < £17
My colleage love the pork rib so much as its tasty
and I love my rib eye steak although medium , its really juicy and yummy
so far its the only restaurant in Richmond with nice pork rib and rib eye steak
the ambiance there is very cozy and relax
there are more customer come in for dinner when we settled our bill

Rating: 9/10

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