Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chinese MY = Selfish

Papa called and asked me to listen to the radio or watch 8pm news later..
its about few schools in KL oredi closed down

browsed sinchew-i and came across this one










very obvious
this culprit
already the victim of H1N1
still trying to cover and refuse to tell the persons he contacted b4
the only reason refuse to say is so simple - don't want the family kena quarantine
and the consequences make the virus spread around the Cheras International school
and cause so much of impact and issue - school closed down, ppl worry, and i know very soon, half of the RCC ppl will need to work in TTDI..
thanks to the selfishness of this Chinese
make the thing getting worse

overhead a fren describe the discussion with her colleagues
she said her colleagues if kena H1N1, for sure dun wan go to hospital or report it bcoz worry during quarantine time will be spread by other victims
darn bloody selfish
bcoz of this kind of mind Chinese in this world, they normally make things worst

I know as a Chinese
we cannot criticize ourselves so much
but when u go around the places, a lot of things done by the so called smart and stingy Chinese

1. shopping center 's escalator always block at the right side by most Chinese who are not well educated by parents.. this is so serious happened in Msia ONLY

2. most Chinese always like to drink soup with noisy sound as if to let other know he/she is drinking soup.. that is really impolite

3. if ppl say during H1N1 time, ppl need to cover with tissues when sneeze , Jocelyn say not only sneeze.. during u Burp that time, should also cover with tissue bcoz we all spread our the "air" during we burp

4. Chinese also likes to burp big big sound in public area and this is really impolite and irritating
imagine if u r at a very grand restaurant which has nice environment and quiet.. suddenly the surroundings spoil by burp sound.. arhh so shame on that person who burp and disturbing other's dinner time

5. Chinese kids or adults like to shout and some even run till hit other ppl in the public area.. this is quite if these ppl never been to that area

these are juz some part of the common issues among Chinese
this is no other reason but juz parents never teach them
they only depends on the teacher in the school
and always complain the teachers if they cannot teach their kid well
(always heard mama complaint saying the parents only know to blame teachers but never think whether do they done their job as parents to teach and guide their kids at home, bcoz kids spent 2/3 time at home but not school)

**MY dear Chinese readers/bloggers out there, how many out of the 5 things mentioned above , u r one of them??
kindly well educated ur kids in future and dun sia sui other Chinese**

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