Thursday, June 04, 2009

A H1N1

this one is more serious than SARS
someone over there is doing something
maybe it found
nowadays ppl are getting too much
its time to get rid of the useless ppl
this can be proved when we see the figure of number increased alot for the so called "Big Brother" country who always like to bully other
god, pls get rid of those
who already done too much of GOOD things
I believe
something happen to u (die or half die)
is the results of wat u had done...

>>whatever u get today is due to what u had done yesterday<<

Msia cases increase to 5
2 cases happened on 15 may and 16 may
3 more cases happening beginning of the June
3 out of the 5 ppl here are students back from USA and another 2 are tourists
Msia parents out there,
please stop ur sons/gals returning from USA juz bcoz of the summer holiday
because Msia still got lots of ppl scare of dying
Stop spreading it around here!!

As per the latest update from WHO website
SG cases reached 9th
and JP figure keep on increasing

according to a fren who really give face to our country
he said Msia is not spreading so fast if compare with JP is bcoz the public transportation is not really tat good yet
in fact
we know how damn good our public transportation

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