Friday, June 12, 2009

T900 VS N85

had dinner with Steven Teu (ST) @ Carls Jr (keke who did the fb quiz - how well u know jocelynlai should be familiar)
then heard he mentioned about the Sony Promotion in PYramid
so juz go there and have a look
both of us still same
using phone to take camera
and never had a camera yet
this is a good chance to own one
and he also playing the Sims
and the latest one is Sims 3
im waiting for the new one, hehehe

finally i bought the brown color Sony T900, cheaper 100 , paid RM 1399
+ 10 % off for the extra battery (if buy together) , bcome RM 188
the photo below capture using N85

and this is the N85 i used to take photo all the time till now..

ops... even show my finger print on the screen =.="


Joel said...

Hey, i want i want
Pink color pls.!

Jocelynlai said...

u slow slow wait ar...
i buy for u in ur dream.. kekee
by the way, there is no pink.. only red color..