Thursday, June 04, 2009

Something Nice

looking back the thanks message
i guess i didn't do it very well..
seems like i quite enjoyed to bring ppl from other country to visit Msia..
4 or 5 years ago
that time bring jen's SG fren - Vincent walking around..include the favor Sri Petaling pasar malam, genting, etc
this year.. bringing a jap
bringing to some places but not really much
and getting some horrible driving experience when the way back from Marrakka
from melaka, melaka food, melaka places, kl, pj , dimsum, bkt

from the recent outings
the one finally I stepped into the Baba and Nyonya muzium..
and find out many many muzium in Melaka.. but how come all muzium closed so early =.="
im very keen to know more about the baba and nyonya thingy after watch Little Nyoya (小娘惹) - a SG drama by Media Corp
this Muzium located at Jonker's Street
we managed to join the last group of visiting tour at that muzium before it closed
from the dining room, to the bedroom, the way of celebration elser ppl birthday, the way they have wedding (Pernanakan Wedding)until the kitchen utensils they used in the kitchen
a nyonya showed us and explained in detailed
everything about Baba and Nyonya and until she showed us a hall that written 追远
this chinese word is very familiar if those watch Little Nyonya
it means they want their younger generation remembered their moyang
then I did see some poster about Little Nyonya drama..
looks like they really borrow this place for shooting that drama
I asked that nyonya
and she mentioned that place only borrowed for 10 days for the crew of drama

I don't really know whether our guest really enjoyed this place since our guest was not feeling well tat time
anyhow.. i bought some souvenir from that shop.. one is sticking on my whiteboard.. another one given to ppl who likes reading

maybe 10 years later, baba nyonya only can be seen in muzium


On the way back to KL
speeding with 140 to 150 (on the way go there juz drive 90 =.=")
+ miss out the KLIA exit..
hence exit at the bangi
bcoz bangi near to SK
after the exit.. follow the roadside showing Dengkil
as this place we are quite familiar with
because we wanna go back Cyberjaya...
keep on folllowing the so called Road Sign (sometimes appear sometimes not showing where to go next)
from the very nice road
the road sign lead me to the supre kampung road
we even saw the motel along the kampung road..
not much car
8pm ++
1 gentleman VS 4 ladies
the road is juz like the road go up genting..
many many turning around.. and saw the highway juz next to us but i canot reach it .. darnn =.="
furthermore, my oil tank already dropped to the last part
there is no streetlight
as we were driving in the jungle.. a real jungle in Msia..
no petrl station.. very less vehicle passing by
cannot imgaine how if we are out of petrol or car suddenly breakdown...
thank god at the end... the small road joint the major traffic light of Dengkil where we saw many cab heading to KLIA and LCCT
jap still duno wat is so called jungle and won't feel anything
wat a horrible experience

something quite enjoyable during the Melaka time is the nice nice foot massage :)
this was my 1st foot massage and they really impressed me
this shop near to the Continental Hotel
i will be back to try the body massage


when bringing jap fren to Dataran Merdeka..
accidentally turn in to a place where is the places for tourist..
guess i need to pay more tuition fee of the KL road include Pusat Sains Negara in order to bring ppl around
well, i m still not a good tour guide..

Note: Skybridge of KLCC is off on Monday..

**sometimes the favor place is not bcoz of scenary or food, it juz bcoz the memory with some frens**

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