Thursday, June 25, 2009

Messy. Mind

i m not in the study mood
or learning mood
maybe that is not my interest at all..
and learning that is really juz for fun ><><

and the futsal tournament is crash with my exam arhh


was feeling miserable and worry pass few days
after getting confirmation
i feel so relief
i know sumhow
my luck still there
as i m not affected yet...
sometimes is not really lucky
is bcoz of people giving chance
i guess i know why the thing had been done so early
and really appreciate it
thank god


still remember someone told me
the person worried that something big going to happen
and that thing affected that person's current carrier
at first the thing came across my mind was manpower cut down
refresh back something happen within these few weeks
from the emails , survey, "shadowing" (am i use the correct word?) and etc that still carry out
G project is the thing came across my mind
guess this not only bring big impact to him but also WW (world wide)
good luck to everyone of us
i can foresee the tougher life is just started while H1N1 still attacking every places around the world

aza aza fighting~~!!

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