Monday, June 22, 2009

Vomit . Upset

It has been more than a year
I didn't drink
until yesterday lunch time
finally I had the room warming session at my place..
having the different fishballs as steamboat + red wine + soju + Johnny's Walker + grilled the pork and beef
lunch from 1pm till 7pm finish drinking
i totally cannot bear it
after mixed up with
red wine, white wine, soju and Johnny's Walker
vomit at the toilet
twice.. 7.30 and 11 something
vomit until tears out
after vomiting
i sms someone who ffk me
it has become a practice..
where i always sms ppl when i drunk
yes , i really drunk
i dun wan to recall the message i wrote as i think i was really upset after being ffk so many times
however, wat for if the person only keep saying sorry for the thing happened 1 month ago
and i m the person who wanna sent sms first
if really feel wanna apologize.. no need to wait until other ppl send message first
i think i more prefer the comfortable feeling of that fragrance

ppl laugh when looking at my drunk face
yes laughing , i always dun mind even always have the stupid act and laugh at me..
but not this time
I M very mind
even the laughing is not intention or I deserved it bcoz who ask me drink alot
I m really super upset
I prepared since yesterday
I went to the frozen shops bought 2 bags of the food
I went Jusco bought the steamboat pot + some drinks (4 1.5 L softdrink + 4 small cans)
I went to Pasar Borong Selangor and continue bought some fishballs and that 1 pack super heavy fishballs thingy (i hate to go pasar and still went bcoz just to get the "yu mian")
I spent 4 times to bring up the things with 2 hands full with pastic
I wash and prepare the fish balls and food by wrapping with the pastic plate by plate b4 1pm
and cooked duno how many pots of the soup
and in returns was just laughing


**I m not in the mood in playing anything now
wat for i cried in the office toilet for all these ><
stupid Jocelyn
who gonna show appreciation for these kind of free food ??
super duper upset **

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