Saturday, February 20, 2010

Down. Chat

I am very down
from the Taiwan trip photos , you would find out that some photo I even cannot smile well
those who know me well
should know I like to smile
and like to meet or know friends who are cheerful and like to smile as well

due to many many things
I feel extremely down
Stepped into the Cinema b4 CNY watchrf Woohoo
until last nite had the CNY Movie of TVB
the show was funny for other people in the hall as they keep on laughing
but to me, I felt boring
and dun think its funny at all
and I even fall asleep in the hall

2nite had a nice chat + camming with Susan and Belle
the Steamyx line was so slow compared with her line in Korea
had a small chat
good to hear her latest news
and I smile

thanks to her
brought back my smile
I hope my smile would last longer abit

*bumped into Chern San (sunshine guy) with his wife and family this noon
when having lunch with my housemate
from his look, it shows her wife's cooking skill is good
good to see my old fren again*

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