Saturday, February 06, 2010

Taiwan Winter 2010 Day 1 - Part 1

2 ca boh at LCCT 's Gate ( I found out my teeth more white in these few days due to no coffee in the morning, ngek ngek ngek)

curi took this photo, manatau kena "Pi" by the staff coz cannot take photo
and this is our AirBus, 3-3-3 seats ONLY, not that big

finally reach Tao Yuan International Airport, Terminal 2

Paper Art - some nice wedding dress made by paper showing in the airport

Date: 25th Jan 2010
Time: 7:20am
Venue: LCCT, Sepang + Tao Yuan International Airport, Taipei

after few years I bought the Taiwan book
I made it

I like the ladies of Taiwan, they are very gentle
the way they speak really can melt someone
they are very polite and the mandarin they talk are nice...
the more days I stayed in Taipei, the way I talked also like Taiwanese already.. haha
I like the weather there but still prefer Perth as a place to stay after retire

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