Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Working Day Of The Year

Ppl said Chu 4 is a good day to start work for Chinese who is piggy
and I started the work with lots of surprised
works and things to be done are queuing up for me
now I need to be the passed 3 years+ Jocelyn Lai
who always stay back at least 1 hour to continue with the work or study on work
I m going to stay back and study at least 1 topic of the new release or new thing everyday
well, its a good time for me to do so since I don't have any dates recently
In order to get further experience in this field (so that I can achieve something I want) , I m gonna to do like this

*I used to be workholic last time
can stay up to 10.30PM
and some even joke with me, this is called no life
this is what I used to be*

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