Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meaningful Song

keep playing No Boundaries
this song and The Climb are very meaningful
suitable for those are facing problems


last year was a year tat not really smooth
the things i tried, applied
failed at the most critical moment
+ 2 days per week to attend jap class after work
i really cannot take it
the first time to have exam and oral exam
and the expected result
then this also the first time to retake the subject since college days

again this year
i got the chance
and thank you for the chance giving and the arrangement made
after working in helpdesk for 4 years +
finally can use other name to describe the job
bcoz i dun wan to answer the Q with the same answer if ppl asked me "what is ur job when the moment u first join the company until now?"
anyhow, I have a great time to work v the ppl in the team :)
this can be found from the trips to Melaka (twice) and penang (once) , the makan makan session even the drinking session
now i need to adept as fresh in the new place , start from beginning
these 2 songs quite suit me

For the Jap class part, the things changed
from 2 days per week to once a week on weekend
+ the せんせえ (teacher) - Miss Hoshino (ほしおさん) is the teacher i like (the ways in teaching) in previous class when she taught us as replacement teacher
recently ppl asked " wat make u suddenly so hardworking to study japanese?"
haha my answer is not bcoz of anyone (japanese)
franly speaking, i only keep spending time at home or The Gardens Club Lounge to do revision when exam is nearer
and this is the thing i can see and touch after entering the working life
i can see and speak something extra
i can touch the cert if i managed to get it
and finally I get the cert
the kata kanda life gonna start soon
i dun have confident at all ><

** to ppl out there who face / fail something, success is still at another mountain if u managed to climb over the current mountain that blocked u right now
life is not easy from the thing i see, i feel
but we need to have our own way to face every mountains to clear our ways**

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