Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Job Change

went to MP room this morning
they pass me a paper to show the job name change :D
the official start day is the day i will start my JP Beginner 2 class
now i need to pay extra effort in order to catch up
the work, job, escalation point and many dbs and CQ thing and also reportss
include to know how to host meeting, how they handover the tickets to other geo team everyday, how to deal v business ppl >< at the same time i also need to learn to write katakana.. oh gosh.. from a i u e o , ka ki ku ke ko till the ra ri ru re ro
レポト (repoto -> report)
ボルペン (borupen ->ballpen)
are written in its own katakana
when only i can write a post in full hiragada + katakana + kanji??
my gosh
can see the stars already start spinning around my head
started to feel the stress

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