Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cats And Dogs

cats and dogs always fight v each other from the moment they were born

the smart cat normally is the leader among the cats
and cat is trying hard to be fren v the dog
eps when the story below happened:
one of the dogs found dead recently
every living creature in the forest feel sad and they feel a big loss due to the dead dog
even some of the cats also show their sympathy (no matter from the bottom of the heart or not)
when this issue getting more and more sympathy
it started to get more and more living creature support the other dogs to further find out the reason of causing this death
dog raised the concern by "requesting for Special investigation by getting the Prefect to investigate into this issue as prefect can have more power and fair"
in order not to make the situation get worse and to maintain their so called name of Cat
the SMART leader of cat brought out the brilliant way
"ok we decided to have Special Investigation where:

1. prefects are to check whether the rules and regulations are followed in proper way
2. the reason of death is investigate by class leaders (ketua class) which is not having so much of power in their daily job if compare with prefect

some BIG Question marks here:
do the rules and regulations are more important than a life ?
why put the persons/ team who are having much more power to investigation on the stupid rules and regulations?
dogs request A and get the B from the cats.
guess someone who helped the cat leader provided such a SMART way
and they only think they are the person think SMART way

WHY dun wan to giv Prefect - the one with more power to investigate on this? bcoz worry of the real fact would be found and need to be reported to the biggest one ?
and these brilliant tot other are stupid
well, very soon the cat leader will know the reactions from the STUPID and young dogs from the annual select as the leader in the forest..

sometimes i really pity cat
bcoz u can easily find cat
die on the roadside or in the middle of the road when these cats trying to across the dog
would u normally found dogs dead due to hit by the car when they wanna cross the road? the answer is seldom
this prove
dogs always smarter than cats

**well, this is just a virtual story of cat and dog
not referring to any specific issue
if u really terasa, this shows u admit that u r one of the creatures mentioned in the post**


MuN said...

i terase u saying someone....hahaha

Jocelynlai said...

am i safe ar...
i dun wan to be sue by writting this ahahaha

MuN said...

no one will sue u la....but i think a lot ppl will terase la....

Jocelynlai said...

no matter how many ppl terasa,, this is the fact shown by those ppl lo.. hahahaa