Tuesday, July 21, 2009

IBM RCC Grand Opening 2008

only posted some completes photos after 1 year of the launch of this new building office
was involved bcoz of the RCC FC
and everyone from RCCFC enjoy that event :D
that was also the first time
everyone bz taking photos in a call center (no photo taking allow during normal time)
photos do not include some official launch event in level 2 with a lot of press and VVIP included minister

flag of different countries shows RCC support different langugues and countries

guest registered at the Registration Counter @ Lobby

the big balloon

RCC - ASEAN Regional Contact Center

awards display in the frame (CRM Team got twice - 2007, 2008 =) )

CCAM awards again

group photo v part of the RCC FC committee member

line up to welcome guest

balloons around

Adeline + Huey Keng + Ashwin + Celina + Joce ( committee member)

ready to welcome VVIP local + from other countries

i like Susan's dress ;D , very da chang jin feel

pantry get ready v the food

VVIP in VVIP room and others at pantry

group photo 1 (with committee members + other)

group photo 2

RCC Manager with CRM Team's ladies
Joce, Afiza, Susan , Tomo

2 of the committee member - Huey Keng + Alia

another committee member - Priya, Chu Heng , Hardeep, Ainul from MP

chee wan and the guy hit me till super in the futsal 2008

ladies v the cameraman of the day aka cameraman of RCC FC Committee 2008

ladies with the Country Manager of IBM

Alvin (ex FTS SM) - the camera man

the CCAM awards in 2007/08

Note : all photos taken by RCC FC 2008 cameraman


MuN said...

IBM history...

Jocelynlai said...

juZ wanna post susan and tomo in their traditional dress = nice..