Thursday, July 30, 2009

Accidents @ Cyberjaya

this is the Gen 2 looks like after burning
Note: this is the EB of Maybank there

still burning

this is a very common incidents
it almost happen once a week
when we on the way go to work or on the way back home
and this one is one of the serious accident happened in Cyberjaya on 29 July 2008 morning
I didn't use that road to work and i miss out

from the 2nd photo
i really amazed those passing by the car still can take photo
coz for sure, i worry there would be explosion since the car on fire

and this Gen 2
one of the passanger was not able to escape from the car
and she was burnt
this is really sad..

why ppl still speed so fast even in front is the traffic light..
drivers out there, think of ur love ones, please slow down ur speed =)

**photos taken from blog>, thanks for sharing this out and sorry for the victim**

the victim v her son

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