Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chocolate VS battle

bought another box of Choc yesterday
had some last nite and had some this morning
as this would be one of the thing can get over the moody feel and emo
from school days : pain , rolling on the bed, vomit till output
till nowadays juz pain and can be settled by the menstrual medcine
i guess now improved from physical way
and still learning to improve more on emo side
when i m in emo condition
i dun wan to know , lazy explain and basically in DO NOT DISTURB (DND) mode

and even lazy to follow up some battles happened in plurk and blogss
its juz a story for me to read if i got time and that is not my business
sumore i duno sum of them
i has been added as fren by some of them and i duno the person
when post something on it, get some feedback from the person and some of the icons i feel cold
especially the hug icon
coz to me, i duno u and juz normal fren , y giv me this one?
so weird and feel uncomfortable
gosh.. feel like im getting towards be like japanese.. always feel uncomfortable nowadays of some actions

anyhow, the way of adding bf/ gf's fren as their fren in fb /frenster or watever places
is a very smart way to know more about the partner's fren
no matter is got heart to know the person or is the other way round
she really got the technique on handling something
i need to learn more from this little gal.. haha

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