Sunday, July 19, 2009


a name of the hero in some countries
a person / team u can really contacted with if you lost in foreign country
a person / team whom u can reliable on
all the good things of police
really seldom can be found here
here is the place for u and me step on now
from the moment we born
this is a very sad thing
we only see how many "Estarcy" or how many tons of drugs or other things found by police
we only see from the newspaper about many crimes happen here
but we never see the follow up ways or the related news to show they really managed to catch the so called Mak Rempit or any gangster
they only keep patrolling around the neighborhood but we cannot see any different whether they patrolling or not
the basic responsibilities - decrease the % of crimes seems not really done
and i really wonder how they meet their KPI??
i bet > 90% of police cannot even speak the English
how u gonna give ur helping hand to the foreign tourists if they need ur help and service there??


police not only can be found in neighborhood
but also can be found anywhere
they could be the spy in sum places and so on
they like to patrolling around
well patrolling around is someone doing it with purpose
maybe i should use the word of "loitering" around

no matter its really police or fake police around u
guess nobody like to see their existence but did not bring any improvement or help to the neighborhood/ places
and now
i really hate it...

**Dear papa,
i'm sorry, i cannot work v the org that is not speaking English - a common language now in many countries bcoz its international language
stop asking me 2 join them**

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