Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rumor VS Trumor

has been listened to this show at Mixfm on one morning when on the way to work
the audience mentioned" there is some rumor about some cinema in Penang, they will keep some seats to the so called spirits and will not sold out the seats to public and that cinema is GSC"
the crew of Rumor File called and spoke to Senior Manager , Mrs Liew
wow she still working in GSC
well, i wonder whether Mr Tung still in GSC after i left there 4 years d..

Rumor file is a show where audience will call in and saying something then DJ will call the person in charge to clarify whether that this rumor or trumor

**papa juz called me
asking me to view the blog that posted TBH has been beaten by ppl
i told him the video really cannot see clearly is him or not..even can see also, the voice also cannot prove is him since we duno him also (never listen he talked b4)
due to this cannot be proved , so this is the rumor
anyhow, the rumor spread so fast until i guess everyone also received that sms
rumor still rumor until it has been proved**

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