Monday, August 31, 2009

Status Update

after 10 days of last update, finally i back to my blog again
well, wat i had done during these period

- i went to bookfair of KL Convention Center with Wanling & bought 10 books (grrr.. i really pokkai liao) . guess wat, i only found out most of the books i bought are about love =.="

- i keep going out after Japanese class (hehehehehehe)

-stepped into the favor cinema to have a good laugh and good time for a lovestory cum comedy movie (:D)

- received call from Chiang Chuang asking me about something weird. Thanks to Guo Lin who spread the news =.=". Well, i m still not, at this moment.. next moment then duno la.. wakkakaka..

- continue hang out this weekend especially yesterday was a full day for me

- having breakfast v lai v @ Station 1 NZX after quite some time didn't meet up v her. We discussed bout the Jan trip and lots of thing still need to be confirmed

- then met v a fren in a place sumwhere near Wanling house.. haha
then changed place to FullHouse -- one of the few restaurants still survived till today in NZX. quite surprised to see the fren accompany me having early dinner + late lunch coz the person just ate 4 hours ago and the bet of the name in the name card >> i lose
haha aiks :")

Overall of these few days: nice :)

**ho ho ho, the 3D Final Destination is out this week :)
hmmm i still duno how to answer the last Q asked.. perhaps i need to think more**


Joel said...

yor... ppl pak toh liao

Jocelynlai said...


nicole said...

yorr.... diam diam pat toh :P

if i didn't read this post, i wont know...

"Pat" a bit, who is the mr. lucky ?

Jocelynlai said...

since when this post got mentioned i pak toh =.="
Joel crap la that time..
Mr Lucky ar, he is a normal person..
tell u next time :P