Saturday, August 15, 2009

Something Hit In YouTube -- 15 Malaysia

Healthy Paranoia by Khairil M Bahar

Our dearest Health Minister

Potong Saga Trailer by Ho Yuhang

huang ming zi is one of the actor...

'Chocolate' Trailer by Yasmin Ahmad

can see bit bayang of sepet..

The Tree by Amir Muhamad

the actor is one of the leader in the parti that SUGGESTED TO BAN SELLING ALCHOHOL IN SELANGOR!!

The Son by Desmond Ng

wonder what is the film about..

Lollipop by Nam Ron

guess this happen in most msian

Slovak Sling by Woo Ming Jin

very looking forward to tihs one.. must be very funny .. hahaa

Lumpur by Kamal Sabran

duno what is this about..

Halal by Liew Seng Tat

this is interesting, what is mean by "Satu Daging, Satu Malaysia????!!"

Gerhana by James Lee

need to find out more..

For more, check this out:


Ruumz said...

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Jocelynlai said...

thanks for sharing :)