Sunday, August 02, 2009

Video Of Victim Beaten By Ppl

received sms from a fren
asking me to watch this video that claimed this is the video ppl beat TBH
well.. i watched it
i cannot see clearly
whether the so called victim is TBH
or any actor
i also cannot hear clearly their conversation
perhaps my Malay is not really good
it post under TBH post
does not mean the victim is the real person

whether this is real TBH or not
let u guys go and check
bcoz nowadays not even artists are good in acting
many politicians of BN or PR are good in acting + advertising (promoting themselves)


OOI said...

I don't think it was acting, the beating really hard, I can clearly heard the victim ask for help" tolong" but the beater said what to help" apa nak tolong".

But I agree could not see the victim face clearly.

Whether is was TBH or not, these guys were really cruel and cold blooded.

Joel said...

Where is the justice?

I wish TBH become ghost and haunted those bastard forever.

Jocelynlai said...

those ppl are very cruel..
nowadays anything could happen in any places..
dun put too much hope on certain ppl will able to protect us..

Jocelynlai said...


some ppl already go.. juz let them go peacefully
we should respect those who pass away

those ppl who doing something over him, they will get revenge one day...
maybe it happen to the person himself or to their younger generation..

Julian said...

Register as voters and fulfill your duties as a citizen, that's the least you can do. ;)

Jocelynlai said...


I think it will not help.

After vote, ppl change, the parti change, still got new problems out.

Later on, still got ppl have illegal gathering then causes JAM everywhere. Wasted others time, $$ , pollute environment due to the jam that release much more petrol and even the weekend juz bcoz of stuck at the jam and etc..then u will see some ppl wanna be HERO , shout this shout that, some wanna be GOOD PERSON, said this said that..

The HERO normally appear when they have been caught due to the illegal gathering

and the GOOD PERSON, always appear at the TV giving some GOOD news to the HEROES and their supporters.

It seems like a cycle of Malaysia. We cannot break it at all.

The best way - move out from here. kekee.. i know u can make it..