Saturday, August 08, 2009



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ban means ban.. there is no difference whether u ban the whole state or certain area..
my gosh, Selangor is the place where most of the foreigner / tourists visit
and these ppl take alcohol like taking drinking water..

as we all know, 絕大回教徒聚居地區 refers to most of the places as we know the numbers of us very well, the number are decreasing , year by year..
so this means , one day, the whole Selangor will be ban for selling this..

if u are same color v me and support their decision
dun giv me the reason is bcoz alcohol is not good for health
come on..dun support blindly..
how / what will tourists think of Msia if Selangor really implement these kind of thing?


zoe said...

totally agree. still remember the issue saying that women should dress decently and cover themselves up if not they r seducing men? they r juz ridiculous

Jocelynlai said...

yes la..
i know the new government got do their job .. juz certain parti in that new government very kakacaucau.
those ppl with some religion background giv the new government little stress nia, then they start wanna change this and that..

the next topic would be ban pork from selling ... kekeke or restricted to sell at certain area..-- their expert..