Saturday, January 09, 2010

How To Make Complaint

one of the biggest thing I learn
when I worked as Helpdesk from 2005 to 2009
is how to make a complaint
Complaint - is not because u wanna release ur tension or whatever and simply shouted at people
- its to pin point out and give a feedback to the company on how a customer feel
and how they can improve from the lesson learn
I won't fight or argue with you face to face but will take down the person's name and give feedback form or email to the key person in the company
and Google is the best tool to get someone's email / information

I had made a complaint to our budget airline in 2009 by Cc to their key person - Mr Tony
and surprisingly to get his reply and asked someone to look into the complaint
they replied to my email and gave me the e-voucher
I did not finished reading the replied email because I know
change - is not a easy thing for a company
but I still hope they can really improve their service one day


Complaint AK6346 LCCT To Alor Setar On 4th April Flight Delay

Hi There,

As per the subject above, I, as one of the passenger in the flight that day, would like to raise complain and complain about Captain - Mohd Ixxxx Jxxx and AA company.

First of all, congrats to AA which just won the World's Best Low-Cost Airline recently. Indeed, this award is a milestone for AirAsia and let others know this is Malaysia's brand.

Unfortunately the recent incident does not prove the sentence by Edward Plaisted "Being a low-cost airline should never have to mean delivering a low-quality service, and Air Asia is proof of the fact that low-cost airlines can provide a good standard of customer care and passenger service quality, that matches the ethos behind operating low-fare services - with standards of customer loyalty showing a winning formula".

Here was the story goes by - this flight was planned taking off from LCCT on 7:10am. When everyone was in the flight and ready to take off, suddenly the unusual sound of engine showed something was not right. We have been told by the captain that due to some technical issue, they have contacted the technician to settle this and hopefully this can be done within 5 to 10 mins.

After that, every passenger was waiting in the flight patiently. Time flies minutes by minutes and we had not been informing any update about this technical issue like when is the Estimated Resolved Time or what is the latest progress.

After waiting for half an hour, I checked with one of the stewardess to check was there any alternatives solution such as changing another airplane rather than we just waiting for nothing. She explained that all the final decision has to be done by the captain. This means, we still have to wait for nothing.

There is no news nor updates within this 1st hour in the flight. Everyone getting nervous as plan was delayed, everything also has to be delayed. After 1 hour waiting like idiot in the flight, captain then only announced that the technical issue unable to be resolved on the spot and we have to wait for another 1 hour because they are arranging another flight for us to take off.

Everyone of us are getting angry because we have to wait for another hour only can reach home to meet with our love ones!!One of the passenger worried he might missed his another flight due to this kind of incident; this incident also bring another unforgettable moment for some passenger who fly from UK; some from China even mentioned AA is cheap but its service is sucks and almost have a fight with one of the AA employees when waiting at the Gate 12. Please remember if this tourist from China go back to China and spread out this kind of incident to his friends via blog, you should able to imagine the power of Internet and the impact of this incident.

In this 2 hours, we had been waiting and do nothing. Everyone feel hungry and thirsty but nothing has been served due to this kind of incident. We should enjoy our breakfast with our love ones IF we could reach the Alor Setar Airport on time.

Complain about Captain of flight AK6346 KL To Alor Setar On 4th April - Mr Mohd Ixxx Jxxx as the captain of this flight was not able to make the right decision at the right time. Thus cause 100 of passengers ( excluded their family and friends who are waiting at the Alor Setar Airport) had to wait for 2 hours this definitely waiting time, money and energy.
1. Mr Mohd Ixxx Jxxx as the captain of this flight, should have more than enough experience to have this kind of unexpected incident. He should update the passenger every 10 mins at least to calm down each of us.
2. If he found out this technical issue could not be resolved on the spot in 15 to 20 mins, he should immediately thinking of another alternatives solution like rearrange for another flight but NOT only rearrange it after 1 hour of waiting and still need us to wait for another 1 hour for the new flight. Due to his clumsy decision, he was wasting everyone time, energy and money. This is because, we spent the money but we does not get the quality of service we should get.
3. We does not want to pay our money to those who cannot use the brain to make the right decision as a captain.

Complain About AA Company:
1. Air Asia should know the reason why we as the customer choose to take flight is because of time is important to us and taking flight cut short the time of travel. Hence, AirAsia should cut short the time frame to get ready with another flight for us.
2. Severity 1 issue should be assumed for this kind of incident. This incident should treat as sev 1 so that everything will be settle or resolved (include getting customer to another flight) within an hour.
3. If there is any red tape to rearrange for the next flight, please cut it off.
4. Air Asia is now having International flights and flying to many Countries. But how you confident your Business Partner of Australia If they know you are not able to settle this little incident of domestic flight? What you want your Business Partner to expect if small problem can't be resolved (in Domestic Flight), how if its happen in International Flight?
5. Why GoInsure Premium (the insurance we bought) does not include flight delay? Does this mean that Air Asia does not responsible for any flight delay that more than 1 hour?
6. Does it mean that Domestic Flight customer must have different service from Air Asia if compare with International Flight customer? Is this because we are paying less that International Flight customer or in this flight, there is no Aussie or European?
7. There is no way for customer to raise complain or provide feedback by call.

Action Should Be Takan In This Incident:
1. Mr Mohd Ixxx Jxx (captain) should give a time frame of 20 mins for the technician to resolve this technical problem. If he confirmed this from technician that it cannot be resolved in certain time frame, he should take another action to arrange for another flight.
2. The procedures of arranging for another flight should cut down to 30 mins include captain apply for arranging the flight until the flight has been done the final checking by the engineer before flight was ready to take off. Then another 10 mins is given to the customer get into the flight and ready to take off. The total time spent on such incident is just 1 hour.
3. AA should not only know to say Sorry as Sorry is nothing when something is happening. Air Asia can just give out some light drinks to the customer whom were waiting for the next flight as this can calm down the anger in the heart.
4. Include Flight Delay into GoInsure Premium - if you really want to improve the service in terms of Timing.
5. Feedback Form should be ready at each Gate to hear the voice of customer. Or rating form for the crew should be ready for customer to evaluate the service provided by the crew.
We , as the customer, paid for the salary of the captain, engineer, technician is to get the better service but not asking us to wait for 2 hours waiting for nothing.

I, has been taking Air Asia since college days until now (almost 8 years) , really hope to see you prove that you are the World's Best Low-Cost Airline when facing any incident like this.

Please remember that you are here today is due to the support from the Domestic Flight customer these few years.

Thank you for your attention.

Jocelyn Lai Yee Ling

I admit that I am a nasty customer if u want me to wait for few hours for nothing....


zoe said...

wow u really geng can write so long long long complaint. if me maybe juz 1 paragraph, english not good mah hehe

Jocelynlai said...

I wrote long does not mean my English is good ne..
the more i write , the more i confuse between complain and complaint..

Jocelynlai said...

and i spent few days to finish that emaill..
u can imagine how angry i was that time..

~Nikki~ said...

wow!! Good and long complaint!! No wonder u can get this: 女人中最有男人气概的类型 and 钢铁之女.

Jocelynlai said...

Fei , =.="

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