Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taiwan TWD

with the money exchanged
i still cannot excahge the total number of wat i wanted
well hope its enuf for me
i m coming
this post out that time , i m still at Taipei..
Taipei, i m coming..


Joe'l said...

not yet. the post out that time u were at jy's wedding luncheon

Joe'l said...
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~Nikki~ said...

Enjoy !!! :)

MuN said...

awaiting pictures from the trip....

JAFP said...

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Jocelynlai said...

joel.. hahhaa yes,,. coz wrongly click on post .. kkkrrkekeke
li fei: thanks.. i do enjoyed and pokkai now..
kah mun little brother: ahahaa wil post it one day..